Herbal extract for anti-aging

What is SIRTMAX® (Black Turmeric extract)

Black Turmeric

Scientific name

Kaempferia parviflora

General name

Kra chai Dam, Thai ginseng, black ginger


Laos, Thailand, Cambodia


A traditional folk medicine to reduce blood glucose levels and improve blood flow.

The revitalizer drink with alcohol


SIRTMAX® is ・・・

Extracted from the rhizome of Kaempferia parviflora

No less than 3.0% and no more than 5.0% of 3,5,7,3′,4′-pentamethoxyflavone
No less than 4.0% of 5,7-dimethoxyflavone
No less than 15.0% of total polymethoxy flavonoid

Produced safely under GMP and HACCP

Patented in US and Japan for SIRTUIN ACTIVATOR